Cooler South and Warmer North

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We’ve had some days this summer, both locally and nationally, when it’s been warmer to the north and cooler to the south. This was the case on Sunday here in Michigan. The coolest temperatures were at the Indiana border. Both Coldwater and Sturgis had high temperatures of just 67° Sunday afternoon. Kalamazoo reached 70°. Grand Rapids topped out at 75°, Traverse City had a high of 79° and S. Ste. Marie was the warmest place in Michigan with a high of 84°.

Nationally, we had the big heat bubble over the Pacific Northwest and SW Canada in late June with temperatures soaring to record levels in Portland and Seattle. On June 28th, it was hotter in Seattle than it was in Tucson AZ or Las Vegas NV. Seattle had 3 incredibly hot days in late June – with highs of 102°, 104° and 108°. On the other hand, Dallas TX with an average high right now in the mid 90s has yet to reach 100° this summer. BTW, those 3 super hot days in Seattle have been the only 3 days that have reached 90° this summer and from July 1-11, the warmest day has been 82°.

8-14 Day Temperature Forecast from the Climate Prediction Center for July 19-25

You will probably see more of this. Here’s the 8-14 day outlook from the Climate Prediction Center for July 19-25. Note the warmer than average temperatures expected across the Northern U.S. and cooler than average temperatures forecast across much of the Southern U.S.

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