We get a lot of days in spring and summer when it is noticeably cooler at Lake Michigan. Thursday was a good example of that. The wind was west-southwest. The high temperature inland at Grand Rapids was 62°. Big Rapids had a high temp. of 63°. At the lake, the high temperature was just 46° at the Muskegon Channel. At the South Haven Channel, the high was 50° at 10 pm, when the wind had gone calm. The water temperature at the Port Sheldon Buoy is just 40.1°. Air coming off that water is going to be cool.

Kalamazoo reached a high temperature of 67°. Here the WSW wind missed Lake Michigan and only came off the warmer land. Across Lake Michigan, the high temperature at Milwaukee and Kenosha, Wisconsin was 70°.

The picture above is the Lake Michigan satellite image from Thu. PM. It was clear over Lake Michigan, with some cumulus clouds inland in West Michigan.

Lake Superior satellite picture from Tue. 4/19

Here’s the Lake Superior satellite picture from Tuesday 4/19. Lake Superior still has a 3.9% ice cover. Much of that is in Black, Nipigon and Thunder Bays. You can also see a lot of snow left in the U.P. Thursday morning (4/21), Painesdale still had 37″ of snow on the ground. Hancock and Herman reported 22″ of snow cover, Munising was at 15″ and Marquette was down to 6″ on the ground.

Barge getting pulled through the Muskegon Channel

The above pic. was Thursday evening. Looks like a barge being pulled through the Muskegon Channel. Thursday was the first time in a week we’ve had a day with more than 50% sunshine and it was only the 4th day in the last 3 1/2 weeks with more than 50% sunshine.

South Haven Channel Thursday afternoon

This was the South Haven Channel Thursday afternoon. There was one boat in the channel and a number of people walking up and down the pier and on the beach. Note the water in the channel (the mouth of the Black River) is darker than the water of Lake Michigan, due to sediment in the river water.

It was calmer at the lake on Thursday. The peak gust of wind Thursday in Grand Rapids an in Lansing was 34 mph. The peak gust at the S. Haven Channel Thursday afternoon was just 18 mph. It was calmer at the lake because it was cooler. A more stable layer of air clung to the ground. Inland, where it was warmer, the air “mixed”. The sun caused air to rise (thermals) and surface air mixed with air aloft where the wind was stronger. That stronger wind mixed down to the ground. In the warm season, you’ll often find the wind more brisk during the warmer part of the day than in the early morning around sunrise.

View of downtown Chicago from the Water Intake (Harrison-Dever Crib) Thursday AM

Here at the Chicago Water Intake, the high temperature Thursday was 66.6°. At Midway Airport, the high temperature was 71°, so the air cooler off about 4 1/2 degrees crossing the 2.75 miles of water from downtown to the Water Intake. The peak gust of wind at the intake was 27 mph.

Bill Steffen at O’Hare Airport in Chicago Wednesday

Speaking of Chicago…here’s a pic. of me at O’Hare Airport in Chicago – taken Wed. PM 4/20. If you look REAL CLOSE – you can see way in the distance the buildings of Chicago just above the horizon.

My daughter is an employee of American Airlines (Envoy, actually), so she can get FREE airfare – standby. So, there were a couple of empty seats, she had the day off and asked if I wanted to go to Chicago…have dinner at the Admiral’s Club (where they have a great view of the planes taking off) and watch the planes, then go back to G.R. in the evening. It was an awesome day and it didn’t cost me a dime. We even got upgraded to first class on the way back to G.R. – so I got a free O.J. and fruit bar. I got recognized a lot and everyone was super-nice.

The available seats were single seats, so we didn’t sit together on the planes. On the way to ORD (did you know that stands for “orchard”, because there was an orchard there when they built the airport) I sat next to a lady that was going to Greece.

Sunset at South Haven Thursday evening

We had a beautiful sunset Thursday evening. The days continue to lengthen. Today (Fri.) the sunrise in G.R. is at 6:49 am and the sunset at 8:33 pm.

Starlink satellites passing over West Michigan Thursday evening

There were quite a few sightings of Starlink satellites passing over West Michigan Thursday evening.

Also, the guy who’s car got tipped sideways then uprighted has been given a new truck, plus 15K.