Cooler Air Moving Out – More Typical Temperatures for the Rest of June

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Here’s low temperatures Tuesday morning. Big Rapids reached 35°. The coldest spot was Leota in Clare Co. The low temperature there was 27° – five degrees below freezing! That was the coldest temperature in the United States on Tuesday. The low was 29° in Roscommon, 30° in West Branch and Atlanta and 31° at Mio and Cadillac.

Low temperatures compared to daily record highs

We came within 2° of tying the record low temperature for June 22. That’s 39° set in 1992. That year, we had 5 days in a row with high temperatures from 62° to 68° between June 19-23rd. Prior to that cold outbreak, we were 95° on the 17th. That was the warmest day of the summer, and I remember it well. I had a morning speech at a school in S. Haven. The wind was SSE, so it was just as hot at the Lake Michigan shore. There was tremendous surface convergence along a cold front. The wind turned from SSE to WNW. Along the cold front, there was a squall line of thunderstorms that was producing 50-60 mph winds. Grand Rapids got 1.24″ in that storm.

Despite the unseasonably cool air, the average temperature for this June is still 2.9° warmer than average.

Grand Haven Tuesday PM with ship

Here’s Grand Haven Tuesday afternoon. The ship is the Kaye E. Barker, The ship passed under the Mac. Bridge and traveled south, making a wide turn and coming into the Grand Haven Channel.

Sunset from our Gun Lake camera Tuesday evening

Here’s sunset from our Gun Lake camera. Looks like a picture that was painted. These are high clouds, made up of tiny ice crystals.

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