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The map above shows the temperature difference from average for the period from Oct. 1, 2018 to May 31, 2019.  It was warmer than average over the Southeast U.S. and Gulf Coast (great year to spend in Florida if you don’t like the cold.  The high pressure ridge was dominant and blocked most of the cold fronts from penetrating into the Sunshine State.  It was also warmer than average along the immediate West Coast.  Much of the rest of the country was cooler than average – including the Great Lakes. 

The greater than average contrast of temperatures has fueled the large area of above average precipitation for the winter and spring.  The map above shows precipitation difference from average for the last 180 days.  Look at the huge area of the Central and Eastern U.S. that is more than 6″ above average…some spots 20″ above average!  Only the Pacific NW and parts of the SE are below average for precipitation. 

Thought you might like to see the temperature anomaly for Oct. – May 1978.  That was the middle winter of 3 very cold and snowy winters in a row in the U.S.  We had near normal temps. in W. Michigan in Nov. and Apr. and we were 2 deg. warmer than avg. in May – so that moderates the colors on the map.  We had the Blizzard of ’78, followed by the coldest Feb. ever (to be eclipsed by 2015) and the 5th coldest March.  The period from Dec. to Mar. was exceptionally cold. 

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