The above graphic is the latest 8-14 day temperature forecast for March 22-28. The forecast calls for cooler than average temperatures over much of the U.S. west of the Mississippi River. Lower Michigan is forecast to be near average, which would bring the high temperatures back up to the mid-upper 40s.

I’ll say it again…it’s often nice to have a cool pattern from mid-March into May for two reasons. First, the blossoms don’t come out too soon, where they would be susceptible to a frost. Second, a cool pattern generally keeps the spring severe weather south of Michigan.

8-14 Day Precipitation Forecast for March 19-25

The corresponding precipitation forecast has average to slightly above average precipitation in the Great Lakes and Northeast. It remains wetter than average over much of the U.S.

Water Level of Lake Shasta – the biggest reservoir in California

Here’s the latest update on Lake Shasta, the biggest reservoir in California. The lake level rose 7″ in the last 24 hours. It’s risen (get this!) 73 FEET since January 1. With more rain and mountain snow, plus the runoff when the snow melts this spring – the level could reach full pool…quite a dramatic turnaround.

San Francisco had another 0.56″ of rain on Sunday. Since Oct. 1, San Francisco has had 26.52″ of rain and that’s 10.46″ above average. Los Angeles is 5.8″ above average rainfall since Jan. 1.

Mammoth Mt. CA Ski Area had 7″ of snow on Sunday, 37″ in the last 3 days, 95″ so far this month of March and 593″ for the winter season. That season total is 2nd highest in the last 12 years and could conceivable reach #1 before the snow ends.