Above is the latest 8-14 Day Forecast from the Climate Prediction Center. The blue color indicates a forecast of cooler than average temperatures for the Great Lakes and Northeast. This is for January 18 – 24.

The first 10 days of January averaged 5.4 degrees colder than average. We had 19″ of snow from January 1 – 8. I don’t see a temperature warmer than the mid 30s this coming week, so significant warm air anytime soon.

Ice Extent on the Great Lakes Saturday

Ice extent is below average on the Great Lakes, but has been increasing at a relatively rapid rate over the past few days. The total ice extent on the Great Lakes was up to 9.8% on Saturday. It was 3.99% on Thursday and up to 7.14% on Friday.

Lake Michigan ice extent was 10.35% on Saturday, up from 5.33% on Thursday. As you can see, the ice in Lake Michigan is mostly in Green Bay and along the U.P shore at the north end of the lake.

The increase of ice on Lake St. Clair has been pretty spectacular. They had a 2.43% ice cover on Wednesday, 10.73% on Thursday, 58.37% on Friday and up to 81.84% on Saturday.

GALE WARNINGS will be in effect on Lake Michigan from 1 pm today (Tue.) to 4 am Wed. for south-southwest wind gusts up to 45 mph and waves as high as 6-12 feet.

Peak Wind Gusts on Sunday

The entire state of Michigan saw relatively strong winds on Sunday. Gusts in West Michigan were generally between 43 and 46 mph. There was a 67 mph gust at Stannard Rock in Lake Superior. When I checked at mid-afternoon Sunday, there were virtually no weather-related power outages. I’m guessing the strong winds we had in December cleaned out a lot of the weak wood. This last snow was light and did not weigh down the branches like a sticky, wet, heavy snow.

Sunset at Muskegon Sunday Evening

This was sunset at Muskegon Sunday evening. Much of Muskegon Lake has an ice cover, but I’m sure a good portion of the ice is too thin to safely venture out on. The clouds you see are lake-effect clouds. Without the lake to our west, skies would have been clear. We’re gaining some light in the evening. Our earliest sunset a month ago was 5:08 pm. Today (Tue.) we’re back to 5:29 pm – a gain of 21 minutes of daylight. We are gaining daylight at the rate of about 80 seconds per day now.