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The Winter Weather Advisory ended at 7 am.  While I can’t rule out a lingering snowflake, this will be a cool and dry day.  If we’re lucky, we’ll see a little sun before the day is over (esp. north of G.R.).  Temperatures much of the day will hold in the low 30s from G.R. to the south and upper 20s. to the north..  Winds will be north at 5-15 mph. 

Here’s the latest GRR NWS discussion.  No significant snowstorms and no really cold air during the first week of the year. 

This is how Boyne Mt. looked shortly after 7 am.  The latest sunrises (except for a few days before we flip to EST in early Nov.) occur this week, so it’s still dark at 7 am.  Watch out for the kids waiting for the bus in the dark as school starts again tomorrow. 

This is the graphic from the Gaylord National Weather Service.  Some heavy snow totals in N. Lower Michigan, where there will be some happy skiers and snowmobilers today.  Most of us in S. Lower Michigan saw rain…a fitting end to a wet year.  Grand Rapids had 44.45″ of precipitation in 2018 – that’s 6.18″ above average.  Muskegon was +8.74″ for 2018.  The above average precipitation is a big contributor to the high water levels on the Great Lakes.  Here’s local radar (nothing):

Click for latest Base Reflectivity radar loop from the Grand Rapids/Muskegon, MI radar and current weather warnings

There were 63 reports of wind damage Monday from S. Indiana to Mississippi. Winds hit 85 mph at Hawkins KY.  Building damage was reported at St. Henry, Indiana and Clarksville TN.  

Here’s high temperatures from Sunday…Florida was the one really warm state on the map.  The highest temp. in the U.S. was 87 at Naples.  Ft. Myers hit 85.  Key West had a low temp. of 77.  It was also warm in Hawaii with a high/low of 85/77 at Honolulu.  On the other hand, highs in Texas varied from 36 at Dalhart to 53 at McAllen.  Phoenix and Tucson never got past the mid 50s.  The lowest temp. in the contiguous U.S. was -24 at Antero Reservoir CO, while not too far away, a warm, downslope Chinook wind came down the mountains and warmed Denver to 53. 

Here’s forecast high temps. for today (1/1/19).  It’ll be warm in the Southeast with low 80s in Florida.  The cold air rules from Upper Michigan west to the Rockies and from N. Texas west to Arizona where it’ll be only in the low 50s in Phoenix. 

Also:  Check out the amazing moving ice ring (moving water underneath causes the ice to spin in a circle.  This is pretty cool.  Big snowflakes in Kansas City.  Fire Tornadoes from a gigantic man-made bonfire in The Netherlands

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