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Here’s the high and low temperatures for Monday.  The high of 46° in Grand Rapids was 18° cooler than average for the date.  The record high temperature for Monday was 90° set in 1899.   That’s the only time the temperature has reached 90° in Grand Rapids during the month of April.  That was also the year we had the coldest temperature ever in Grand Rapids (-24° on Feb. 13-14, 1899).  It was also the coldest air mass ever over the Eastern U.S. with temperatures as cold as -2° all the way down at Tallahassee, Florida!  

The record low temp. for Monday is also interesting.  It occurred three times, in 1977, 1979 and in 2012.  In 1977 and in 1979 we were coming slowly out of very cold and snowy winters.  You might remember 2012.  That year we had the warmest March ever, with a week of days in the 80s.  The blossoms came out too soon.  The low of 28° was a hard freeze and after that we have virtually no fruit crop.  We also had another big heat wave in July of 2012, when we had the warmest temperatures (up to 104° in Gr. Rapids) since the 1930s. 

Here’s high temperatures Monday in W. Michigan.  Benton Harbor was the only location to reach 50 degrees.  The meteorology students at CMU reported a few snowflakes mixed in for a while at Mt. Pleasant.  Light snow fell across N. Lower and Upper Michigan, but temps. were above freezing and the snow was pretty much melting on contact with the ground.

Here’s high temperatures for the rest of the week…a warming trend will bring temps. to the mid 50s today, low-to-mid 60s on Wednesday and near 70 over the coming weekend. 

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