This is the latest 8-14 Day Temperature Outlook from the Climate Prediction Center for January 3-9. The blue color indicates areas that are expected to be colder than average. That now includes pretty much all of the northern half of the U.S. plus the Southwest U.S. Warmer than average weather is expected from Texas east along the Gulf of Mexico to Florida. Keep in mind that this is a 7-day average. A week that starts warm and ends cold would be near normal on this map.

8-14 Day Precipitation Outlook for Jan. 3-9 from the Climate Prediction Center

This is the Precipitation Outlook that goes along with the Temperature Outlook. The Great Lakes are colored green – indicating above average precipitation. With colder than average temperatures, it would be likely that much of the precipitation would fall as snow here in Michigan.

Winter Weather Advisory until 9 am

There’s a Winter Weather Advisory for W. Michigan until 9 am this Mon. It does not include the Indiana border counties, where temperatures will remain a couple degrees above freezing. The best chance for some slippery roads will be north of Grand Rapids.

Winter Weather Advisory (purple) and Winter Storm Warning (pink)

There’s a Blizzard Warning for the Lake Superior shore areas from Duluth to the Canadian border for 9-14″ of snow plus wind gusts to 45 mph. The pink-colored areas are Winter Storm Warnings for 4-14″ of new snow and gusts of 40-50 mph. The purple areas, including much of Upper Michigan and N. Wisconsin are Winter Weather Advisories for 1-8″ of new snow plus drifting.

From Grand Rapids to the north, we’re getting a period of mixed precipitation, then a couple hours of light freezing rain (north of G.R.), then rain as temps. climb above freezing by late tomorrow AM. Here’s radar:


There may be slippery spots for the morning commute, especially north and northeast of Kent County. Check with Daybreak (4:30 – 7 am on WOOD TV8) for traffic and weather updates.

High Temperatures Sunday Dec. 26 2021

Here’s high temperatures Sunday. There’s some pretty cold air across much of Canada. Saskatoon had a high of -11 yesterday and -13 today (and that’s Fahrenheit). One spot in Canada reached a low temperature of -60F, the coldest temperature that has occurred in Canada in 8 years.

Lake Michigan Water Temperature Compared to Average

Here’s the latest Lake Michigan water temperature compared to a 25-year average. We’re still above 40 degrees with virtually no ice on the lake. So the potential exists for some decent lake-effect snow when the cold air does get here – provided other factors are favorable (wind direction, fetch, etc.).