Cold Pattern for Early December

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December 1 is the start of Meteorological Winter.  Actually, the coldest 3 months of the year is roughly Dec. 5 to Mar. 5.  This year it’s really going to feel like winter…not only here in MI, but over much of the U.S.  Up top is the 6-10 Day Temperature Outlook from the Climate Prediction Center for Dec. 3-7.  Much of the country is expected to have colder than average temperatures, including most of the Great Lakes area. The core of the cold is predicted to be over the N. Rockies.

This is the 8-14 Day Temperature Outlook from the Climate Prediction Center for Dec. 5-11.  It’s Coast-to-Coast Cold!  Only a small part of coastal California and the Florida Peninsula are expected to see warmer than average temperatures.   Here’s the G.R. NWS graphic on today’s weather.

This will be another day with the high temperatures about 10 deg. cooler than average.  Tuesday’s high of 30 in G.R. was 12 deg. cooler than average.  We’ve had at least a trace of snow on 15 of the last 20 days.  November is still 5.5 deg. cooler than average.  Tuesday was yet another day with 0% sunshine – the 4th day in a row and the 18th of the month without any sunshine.  From the G.R. NWS:  “If it weren’t for the permanent cloud over Michigan, you’d see this snow / bare ground line just south and east of Ludington. On the other side of the lake, 30 miles separated 1 foot in Rockford IL from almost nothing in Janesville WI.”

Well, well – look at this…a large Slight Risk Area for severe t-storms on Friday.  I’ve got this week and next week off…hey, Gayle – wanna go storm chasing?  Afterward we could crash at mom’s in Tennessee (free lodging). 

In the meantime, it looks like we could get 1/2″ of rain and temps. above 40 this weekend…that should melt the snow except for the piles. 

The jet stream takes a dip over the east-central U.SVideo of flooding in Sydney, Australia.  Wow!  That’s 111 mph Forecast for the National Tree Lightning this evening.  I think that’s on WOOD TV8.  From Patrick DeHaan, our GasBuddy:  “Another huge plunge in values with the region seeing values drop to the lowest in the country.”  Holy CowMore rain for CaliforniaSnow squall moves into Albany NY.  PuppiesShenandoah sunriseFrost flowersStorms in the desertBeautiful snow in RomaniaGoombungee stormHeavy snow in Fiskar’s VillageAmazing halos in UtahSundogUnseasonably cold in E. Europe.  For you weather geeks:  Arctic oscillation (AO) index was yesterday -3.7, which is the 2nd lowest November reading in the 21st century (trailing only 2010).  InterestingPretty snow in IllinoisRecord heat in AustraliaHeavy snow in New HampshireSunrise in L.A

The source of the purple light in the sky.  Here’s some music to go along with the story. (side note – Nino and April are still alive – April Stevens will be 90 on her next birthday).

This is snowfall so far this season…there’s been a lot of it…with a trace of snow down to Houston TX.  You can see the last snowstorm from Nebraska to SW Michigan to New England. 

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