Jan. 9 AM – You’ve heard of a telethon…well, so far 2023 in West Michigan has been a cloud-a-thon. The pic. above was Saturday PM at the Holland Channel. You can see the Holland “Big Red” Lighthouse and some ice lingering at the shore. That ice formed mainly in the week before Christmas. You can also see the endless gray sky.

Number of consecutive totally overcast (0% sunshine) days in Grand Rapids

The graphic above (from Andy Schut) is a list of the longest stretches of totally overcast days in Grand Rapids. This includes the current stretch through Jan 7 – we can add Jan. 8 to the string of cloudy days. We did have 5 minutes of sunshine on Jan. 4. There is hope for a little sunshine this today (Monday) – I can see the full moon shining through the clouds as I write this early Monday AM.

The record is 16 days (over half a month) way back in 1914. We’ve had at least two stretches of 15 consecutive days. The most recent of those was in 1992.

If you go further back, Grand Rapids has had just 9.5% of possible sunshine since Nov. 30. We have not had a day with over 50% sunshine since Dec. 4.

On the other hand…we’ve lost the Arctic air. We’ve now had 12 days in a row that have been warmer than average. That pattern should continue for at least the next 1-2 weeks, though we are not done with “winter”.

2:35 am at Bittersweet Ski Area – the snow guns are cranking out the snow at full speed

The picture above was taken from the Bittersweet webcam at 2:36 am Sunday morning. It’s 30° in Grand Rapids as I type this early Monday AM. That’s cold enough for snow-making and you can see the snow guns were firing on all cylinders! Cannonsburg is open now and Timber Ridge may open (check the link).

ALSO: Lightning hits a building in Houston. Northern Lights in Iceland. Lake Superior waves. Twister sequel will officially hit theaters July 2024. Full moon and palm trees. Nice rainbow. Birds! Snow in Lebanon. Another pic. of the snow in Lebanon. Volcano erupting in Hawaii. Duluth snowfall this winter so far is well above average. Good news from Australia. Avalanche! A whale of a video. Ka – Boom! Tide wave in CA. Mt. Hood sunrise (OR). Snow blowing off the top of a mountain. Colorful, foggy landscape in France. Beautiful mountain in Chile. Toronto got some sunshine.

San Francisco Radar around 2:45 am EST

The above pic. is radar (from KRON). Those were rare thunderstorms in the San Francisco area. They produced strong wind and heavy rain. At 2 am EST Sunday, a wind gust of 60 mph was reported at Yreka, 51 mph at Oakland, 43 mph at San Jose and 41 mph at San Francisco.

Over the 10-day period ending on Jan. 4, downtown San Francisco recorded 10.33 inches of rain, the wettest 10-day stretch there since January 1862.

Very heavy snow will fall in the Sierra Nevada Mountains. The NWS says: “…the first system Saturday night into Sunday – expect snow amounts of 6 to 18 inches above 6,000 feet. With the second stronger system on Monday morning until Tuesday night, expect 3 to 6 feet of snow with locally heavier amounts above 8,000 feet and 18 inches to 3 feet between 6,000 and 8,000 feet. Winds could gust as high as 50 mph.”

Expected Rainfall in the Los Angeles Area.
Reservoir levels in California

Here’s reservoir levels in California. The climate of California is often either flood or drought and of late it’s been drought. So this rain is welcome in the sense that the rain will help get levels up now and they will continue to rise well into the spring as the mountain snow melts.

Here’s Southwest U.S. Radar


Southeast U.S. radar

Live Doppler Radar
Lower Michigan radar

Live Doppler Rada


Midwest Radar


Michigan radar


National radar


Northeast radar


Northwest radar

On the good side, with this warmer-than-average pattern, we’re saving $$ on our heating bills and there are fewer vehicle accidents when the roads are clear, rather than snow and ice-covered.