This pic. is from the Wyoming Dept. of Trans.  It shows a machine called a “rotary” clearing snow from Highway 14A in northern Wyoming – east of Yellowstone Natl. Park last week.  It’s a slow process.  Note the driver has his door open as he looks for markings so he can stay on the road.  They try and get these roads open before Memorial Day.  Sometimes it takes until mid-June. The snowiest month of the year on average in Lander, Wyoming is April and that was the case this winter.

This is what the “rotary” looks like when operating.  There are bigger versions of the “rotary” Some of these machines can throw snow four stories high. 

Also:  WOW – look at the snow here along the France/Italy border.  This is at 7,178 ft. above sea level.  Snowmobiling in the Big Horn Mts. 5 18 18