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Once again today (Wed.) we’ll start the day with patchy fog. As the air warms, scattered to widely scattered showers and a few thundershowers will develop. Once again, coverage will be quite variable. A few spots will see 1-2″ of rain, much of that coming in an hour – other spots will get nothing. Here’s some rainfall totals from Tuesday:

Oshtemo had more rain in an hour on Tuesday than they got in the entire month of May. Here’s a list of +50 rainfall reports from throughout the area.

Picture late Tuesday looking SW from the Ford Airport in G.R.

Here’s a picture from climate statistician extraordinare, Andy Schut. You can see a shower with a rain shaft under the shower. Above is the anvil from a bigger shower/t-shower to the left – also producing a nice rain shaft.

Looking west from the GVSU camera in downtown G.R.

This was the view looking west around the dinner hour from the GVSU camera in downtown G.R. You can see a totally opaque area of rain from the center of the picture to the left. That thundershower was producing heavy rain. No severe weather was reported (and none was expected.

Lake Breeze

There will be a general light east wind today. A lake breeze will develop during the midday as air warmed by the sun rises over the land and cooler air from over Lake Michigan moves inland. Where the westerly lake breeze meets the east wind, there is a convergence of air and the air is forced to left. Sometimes, when the air has enough moisture, this can generate showers or thundershowers along that convergence. The lake breeze is from the west in West Michigan, from the east in Eastern Wisconsin, from the northeast in Chicago and from the south at Manistique.

It was cooler at the lake on Tuesday, with a high temp. of just 72 at the Muskegon Beach – and that occurred at 8 pm. At the S. Haven Beach the high was 77. Inland, we reached 87 in Grand Rapids.

Picture from Austin Hamilton

This picture from Austin Hamilton shows a welcome shower. You can see the heavier rain falling from the right half of the cloud. The anvil top of the storm appears to be moving toward the photographer.

Yet another pretty sunset at S. Haven

Waves on the lake today will again be a foot or less. Here the sun is setting into the anvil tops of thunderstorms that were well over 100 miles away to the west-northwest in Wisconsin.

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