This is Bill’s daughter (#1) here posting some tough news.

Sir Yum, my parent’s white cat, crossed the bridge Friday afternoon. He had been diagnosed with intestinal cancer several months ago. His weight dropped from 22lbs to 9lbs and when he hit the point where he was unable to process the food he was eating, it was time to set him free of the suffering. You try everything there is to try – but when everything has been tried, it’s time.

My parents agonized over this decision. Yum was my dad’s little buddy and a huge part of their lives. To have to say goodbye to a friend that was so loved – it leaves a giant lonely empty space and right now my parents are grieving. Knowing it was the right decision is a small comfort – but it doesn’t stop the grief especially in the immediate after when the right decision is so hard.

Yum was originally adopted from the Humane Society of West Michigan many years ago by my maternal Grandma. When Grandma passed, Yum came to my parents along with my Grandma’s favorite chair where Yum used to love to hang out.

The video of Yum and my parent’s other cat, Nimbus, playing in the background of the straight out of the 1970s “Man Cave” basement can be found here: This ended up making the rounds around the internet including landing on a segment Jimmy Kimmel did about weather people and their pets during shows filmed at home during COVID. That video has had over 1.3 million hits on YouTube!

A huge thank you to VCA Woodland Animal Hospital for not only caring for Yum over these last several years but for your patience today as we struggled to say goodbye.

A donation link to the Humane Society on Bill’s facebook page (scroll down) here: – if you’re able to donate in memory of Yum we can help save other pets there are so many that need loving homes.

Float free sweet Yum. You were so very loved. ~Julie