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I often stay at work until Matt comes in around 2 am.  I had things to do, plus weather to track, so I stayed longer…long enough to make an appearance on daybreak.  Long day – about 14 hours, not counting what I did here from home.   It was an easy trip home…had to brush the snow off the car…very little traffic at 5 am.  Temp. was -6 when I pulled into the driveway.  The county had plowed my street and my snowplow guy did a nice job on the driveway just before I got home. 

Today is a regular work day for me.  There’s the Auto Show Gala tonight with the show at 7 pm on WOOD.  That should be fun.  I have Math Counts on Friday, then work and I do a meet and greet at the Auto Show on Saturday before work. 

6 am – just -3 deg. in G.R., while across the lake it’s -20 at Chicago (O’Hare) and -18 at Milwaukee.  The wind chill at Chicago is -45.  Wind chill in G.R. is -26. 

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