The above pic. is me on the banks of the Thames River in downtown London, England on Tuesday. In the background, you can see one of the most famous English landmarks, the Tower Bridge (why do they call it a landmark when it’s over a river?).

The bridge was opened on June 30, 1894, making it 128 years old. It’s 787 feet long. By contrast, the Grand Haven Drawbridge is 692.6 feet long.

The Tower Bridge is 213 feet high. That’s a little more than 15 stories. Approximately 500,000 people cross the bridge on an average day, by foot or by vehicle. 

A total of 432 construction workers took eight years to complete the bridge. A total of 11,000 tons of steel was used during construction.

The Prince of Wales (the future King Edward VII) and his wife, the Princess of Wales, officially inaugurated the Tower Bridge amid a spectacular celebration. 

An electro-hydraulic system takes five minutes to raise the bridge.

In 2014, two glass panels were added to the walkway. Located 138 feet above the River, the Glass Walkway allows for some spectacular views of London and the water below. 

A record-breaking 42.7 foot high Lego version of the Tower Bridge was built for the launch of the New Discovery car by Land Rover. Made using a total of 5,805,846 individual pieces, it beat the previous record by 470,646 bricks. If laid end to end, the bricks used in the construction would stretch for almost 200 miles, which is the same distance between Tower Bridge in London to Paris.

The tour of the bridge cost £11.40 with discounts for seniors (Woo Hoo!) and children.