There’s a Beach Hazards Statement and a Small Craft Advisory for Lake Michigan. This includes the Lake Michigan shore in NW Indiana, NE Illinois and SE Wisconsin.

Expect waves of 3-6 feet and N-NW winds at 15-25 knots (a “knot” is a boating term – one knot is approximately 1.15 mph). With a N or NW wind, the north sides of the piers and breakwaters would be more apt to develop a dangerous structural current that would move west toward open water.

Shortly before noon – pic. from the Port Sheldon buoy camera.

Shortly before noon, waves were running at 5.2 ft. at the mid-Lake Michigan buoy, 3.4 feet at the Port Sheldon buoy and 3.6 feet at the S. Haven buoy. At the mid-lake buoy, the wind was NNW at 20 mph. The water temp. was 69° and the air temp. was 62°. At the Port Sheldon buoy, the wind was north at 19 mph and the water temp. was 66°.

Inland Reeds Lake in East Grand Rapids is showing a water temp. of 72°.

There is also a small chance of a waterspout over Lake Michigan this PM. Waterspouts are more common in the fall, when relatively cold air moves over relatively warm water.