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Here’s a look at some awesome satellite pics. of the Great Lakes this past weekend.  The top pic. is all of of the Great Lakes taken Saturday afternoon (March 23).  High pressure brought clear skies to almost the entire Great Lakes area.  

Ice cover on the Great Lakes has been shrinking at a steady rate due to warmer temperatures and wind to break up the ice.

Here’s Great Lakes ice cover as of Sunday PM (3/24).  The Great Lakes ice extent peaked on 3/9/19 at 80.9%.  By Sunday PM 3/24, Great Lakes ice cover was down to 24.55%.  Here’s a satellite view of the individual lakes:

Here’s a pic. of Lake Superior taken Sunday PM.  You can see where the ice is on the lake.  It’s still winter with a solid and deep snow cover over the Lake Superior area.  As of Sunday evening, S. Ste. Marie had 28″ of snow on the ground…Marquette had 29″ and Munising had a snow cover of 30″.  Marquette has had 213 of snow this winter and that’s 32″ above average-to-date.  S. Ste. Marie has picked up 142 of snow this winter and that is 31″ above average-to-date. 

Here’s a Lake Michigan image from Saturday.  You can pick out the cities…Chicago, Milwaukee, Grand Rapids, Lansing and Kalamazoo.  You can see frozen Gull Lake northeast of Kalamazoo.   You can even pick out Lake Bella Vista, Silver Lake and Bostwick Lake in a row northeast of G.R.  It looks like the east half (the deeper half) of Gun Lake was still frozen over, but the west side (the shallow half of the lake) was open water.  Traverse Bay is still mostly frozen over.  See what else you can find on the picture. 

This is a Sat. PM pic. of Lake Huron.  You can see solid ice in the North Channel, with the ice breaking up in Georgian Bay and Saginaw Bay.  There is still solid ice from the mainland out to Mackinac Is. and Bois Blanc Is. 

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