August Tornadoes

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The map above shows the probability of a significant tornado on August 12th. Look at where the highest probabilities are…from the Eastern Dakotas and Northeast Nebraska east to Lower Michigan and Northwest Ohio…and also from Maryland to SW New England.

Tornadoes of August 20, 2016

You might remember the 6 tornadoes that hit West Michigan on August 20, 2016. Here’s a picture of the tornado near Bangor:

Tornado near Bangor

We have very few pictures of the 6 tornadoes that afternoon because most of them were “rain-wrapped” and you couldn’t see them (unless of course you were in them). BTW, we had straight-line thunderstorm winds that day that were just as strong as several of the tornadoes.

Satellite sequence of the supercell that produced the Plainfield IL tornado

The only F5 tornado ever to occur in August moved across Northern Illinois on August 28, 1990. There are no pictures or videos of the actual tornado because it was rain-wrapped. You could hear it approach, but not see it. This twister resulted in 29 fatalities (3 at a high school) and over 300 injured. Check out (lots of) damage pictures. Here’s a summary of the tornado.

Path of the Plainfield IL tornado of August 1990

The tornado moved from northwest to southeast.

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