April Still 8.6 deg. Colder than Average

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Even with 3 days in a row warmer than 60 degrees, the month is still 8.6 degrees warmer than average.  March was 1.3 degrees colder than average.  The result has been a slow start to the spring greening of Michigan.  The daffodils in my backyard are just coming to bloom.  Like I said, if there is a time of the year when you want it cool, it’s late winter into the first half of spring.  It keeps the blossoms from coming out too soon and it keeps the severe weather to our south.

Here’s some peak wind gusts from Wednesday.  It was not only breezy at Lake Michigan, but it was also chilly.  While we reached the low 60’s Weds. PM, it was only in the upper 30s and low 40s at Lake Michigan.  In N. Michigan, the high temp. was 45 at Gaylord and only 40 at Newberry.

This was the S. Haven Channel Weds. PM.  Small Craft Advisories were out and waves were 3-6 feet.  The lake should be calmer today with west winds of 10-15 knots in the PM.  The water temperature early Thurs. AM was just 38.1 degrees.  On the other hand, the water temp. of Reeds Lake is up to 51 mph. 

Here’s Lake Michigan water temperatures for 2013 – 2018.  At this point, the water temp. today is 2nd coldest – 2nd only to 2014.  That was the year that we had a 92.5% ice cover on the lake, second only to 1979. 

Also:  We’re up to 13 hours and 55 minutes of daylight, up from 9 hours and 1 minute at the Winter Solstice back on 12/21.  Less than 8 months to Christmas.  WHOA!  Look at the snow!  Today we set the record for latest first tornado of the year in OK…Kansas to follow…and we’ve already had 5 tornadoes this year in California.  “Multiple stressors” in Saginaw Bay (don’t get excited – just sediment).  Cool pic. of lightning in the Grand Canyon.   Thunderstorms develop over CubaLightning strike density for April – quiet in MI.  Welcome rain in Judea and BethlehemSlo-mo lightning in BulgariaAvalancheMost likely spot in the U.S. for a severe t-storm on Friday?  Sure, Eastern Oregon and SW Idaho.  Hail in RomaniaNice shelf cloudWaterfallBlossoms out in Central Park.  First ice-out reported on Minnesota lake – 3 weeks later than usual.  1983 coldest US April to date in Sat era with 2018 in 2nd place by .01F vs 1997.   Ka-BOOM!   Snow in SloveniaRice terraces at sunsetVideo of winds from Tropical Storm Fakir.  Ka-BOOM again!  George H.W. Bush, Yale baseball captain, with Babe Ruth, 70 years ago. 

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