April 2021 Climate Summary

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Grand Rapids was 0.5° warmer than average in April. We started the month with 2 days that were both 10 degrees colder than average. The lowest temperature for the month was 16° on April 2. Beginning April 3rd, we had 10 days that were all warmer than average. Those 10 days were 12.3° warmer than average. That included a daily record high of 74° on the 8th and an 80° high temperature on the 7th – which was the warmest temperature of the month.

After those 10 warm days, we had 14 days in the row that were colder than average. Those 14 days were a combined 6.6° cooler than average. That included low temps. of 26° on the 21st and 25° on the 22nd. Those cold nights did some damage to the fruit crop (but nothing like the freezes we had in 2012 and 1945). After those 14 cool days, we had 3 days that were a combined 6.7° warmer than average.

So, we really bounced up and down…and eventually ended up close to average.

Rainbow April 2011 from Susan Hull Edema

It was a dry month across West Michigan continuing the trend of March. Grand Rapids had just 57% of average rainfall (1.91″). Muskegon had 56% of average rainfall and Kalamazoo and Lansing just 50% of average rainfall.

The below average rainfall continued to bring river levels down. Early Sunday AM (5/2), the Grand River at Grand Rapids is running at just 54% of average flow for May 2. The Muskegon River at Croton is only 34% of average flow. The Kalamazoo River at Comstock is running at 68% of average flow and the St. Joseph River at Niles is at 57% of average flow. We managed to melt the winter snow without having any flood problems in the Great Lakes this spring – very nice.

Damage from a Tornado at Preservation Lakes in Kent Co. April 10 2021

In a month with very little thunderstorm activity, we did have one small tornado that hit the Preservation Lakes subdivision south of Cutlerville on Saturday April 10. There were no injuries.

Grand Rapids had 47% of average sunshine and the average wind speed was 9.6 mph. The sunniest day was April 2 and the 2 cloudiest days were the 15th and the 24th.

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