Another 90° Day

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Here’s high temperatures across the U.S. on Tuesday. It’s mid-summer and you’ll see a lot of 80s and 90s. Fayetteville NC reached 101° There were some cool temperatures in the West, with highs of 59 at Lewistown and Moore Montana, 62 in Seattle and 67 in Portland OR and San Francisco. Grand Rapids reached 90° for the 2nd day in a row. The peak wind gust of 55 mph in the evening thunderstorm at the Gerald R. Ford Airport was the fastest wind gust since 2/24, which was a very windy day if you remember (the average wind that day was 27.1 mph from midnight-to-midnight.

Storm Coming into Muskegon 7 2 19

This is the storm coming into Muskegon in the evening. You can see the cruise ship Pearl Mist at the dock – Muskegon had a peak wind gust of 49 mph and 2.12″ of rain for the day.

Also: Coopersville rainbow. Fiery sunset. Noctilucent clouds and a windmill in the Netherlands. Lightning over Chicago. Watch the shadow of the eclipse meet the shadow of night. Mammatus over Grenoble France. Slo-mo lightning. Hail in Croatia. Niagara Falls makes a rainbow. Solar eclipse viewed from an airplane. Hurricane Barbara will weaken as it heads in the general direction of Hawaii. Barbara has a nice eye – probably at maximum intensity now. Ka-Boom! Tuesday’s national high/low temps: 111 at Death Valley, CA; 30 at Boca Reservoir. Sparking power lines. Lightning – the “sprayer-slayer. Fast win. ds as the storm moved in. Recording the solar eclipse on your phone. Scary-looking shelf cloud. Four views of the strong/severe storm. Looking west. Shelf cloud in Austria. Noctilucent clouds. Two views of the solar eclipse…next one in the U.S. is in 2024. Nice cumulonimbus. Flash flood in Slovenia. Large hail in Italy. Hail covering the ground like snow.

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