Anniversary of the Flint-Beecher Tornado

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Sixty-eight years ago today, on June 8, 1953, Michigan experienced the deadliest tornado in state history. The tornado resulted in 116 fatalities and 844 injuries.  This is the most tornado fatalities ever from a single tornado in Michigan and it was the most fatalities in the U.S. from a single tornado until the Joplin, Missouri tornado of 2011. 

The tornado was half a mile wide and totally demolished 340 houses. It stayed on the ground for 27 miles. A trailer was picked and deposited 8 miles away. Books flew through the air for 35 miles and canceled checks from he bank were found east of Lake Huron in Canada.

Here is more information on the Flint-Beecher Tornado.  The year 1953 was also one of the nation’s worst tornado years. Earlier that in the spring, a tornado ripped through Waco, TX, killing 114 and injuring 597. And the day following the Flint-Beecher tornado, the same storm system spawned a F4 Tornado in Worcester, Massachusetts that killed 90 people and injured over 1288. In fact, on May 21, 1953, an F4 intensity tornado roared through St. Clair County and the Port Huron area, killing 2 and injuring 68.

Flint tornado map_1559975078029.gif.jpg
Path of the Flint-Beecher Tornado

Below is a map of the 7 tornadoes that hit SE Michigan that day and two more just across the border in Ohio. Of the 7 tornadoes in Michigan, one was rated F5, one was F4, two were F3, two were F2 and one was F1. That was just in one day. Michigan has not had an F4/EF4 tornado since 1977.

Paths of the Tornadoes in SE Michigan and N. Ohio on 6 8 53

The Flint-Beecher tornado touched down around 8:30 pm. As it got dark, the search for victims became fore difficult. The air mass was very humid, with Flint reporting a dewpoint as high as 71°. The Weather Bureau had issued a Severe Weather Bulletin about an hour before the tornado struck. The tornado was up to 1/2 mile wide. As the Flint tornado dissipated, the parent thunderstorm formed a second tornado, which continued east to Lake Huron.

Flint Beecher Tornado_1529472385285.jpg.jpg
Damage from the Flint-Beecher Tornado

This picture shows some of the damage…so many homes totally leveled. You can read about the science of the Flint-Beecher tornado. More damage pics. Close-up pic. of the tornado. Film of the clean-up here. More pics. Nice video on the twister.

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