A Warmer and Sunnier Weather Pattern

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This was sunset at the Muskegon Channel Thursday evening.  With a light southeast wind, the lake was pretty calm. 

Officially, Grand Rapids recorded 2% of possible sunshine on Thursday, or 13 minutes worth.  That gives us less than 4 hours of sunshine in the last 9 days – that’s all.  We’ve had only one day since October 23rd with more than 60% sunshine.  We had 9% of possible sunshine in November and Dec. 1-13 brought us only 8% of possible sunshine.  We’ve had only one day since Nov. 23rd with more than 20% sunshine. 

Last weekend, we had our earliest sunset at 5:08 pm.  As of today, we have gained one whole minute of sunshine in the evening.  The latest sunrise doesn’t occur until Jan. 3rd.  We’re down to 9 hours and 3 minutes of daylight and we only lose another 2 minutes of daylight between now and the Winter Solstice on Dec. 21. 

Over the last 37 days, we’ve had 28 days that have been cooler than average, 7 days that have been warmer than average and 2 days that were exactly average.  Nov. 6 was the last day that was above 50 deg.

We’ve had good weather for the ice skaters at Rosa Park Circle.  Our season snowfall of 16.3″ in G.R.. thru the 13th is pretty close to the average of 15.2″.  We may not get any snow over the next week or so, but there is still a chance of some snow right before Christmas and there is a decent chance that a cooler and snowier pattern could develop between Christmas and New Year’s Day.  . 

Rainfall from the weekend system should stay well south of Michigan. We should be partly sunny and mild. 

Thunderstorm approaching on the plain of Uruguay in S. America (Photo via Meteorología Uruguay).  Here’s another pic. of the storm.  Also: Little Rock AR had 4.06″ of rain on Thurs.  Cold in Great BritainHeavy t-storms in Florida this (Fri.) PMTropical storm off the coast of IndiaCyclone Owen in the Gulf of Carpentaria.  What a difference an hour makes!  Between 1-2 PM, the temp at the San Diego Airport dropped from 78 to 68, the dewpoint rose from 36 to 55, and the RH rose from 22% to 63%. The reason?  The wind shifted and started coming off the ocean.  Sunset in Greece NYSnow in the PyrennesNo tornado sirens in Kalamazoo Township.  Cold N winds over the Chukchi Sea over the last 8 days has helped grow sea ice AND moved the pack ice. The combined movement & growth along the edge has been 350 miles!  Fun fact: The Brownsville TX NWS office has only issued 4 ‘High Wind Warnings’ over the past 30 years, including Thursday’sWeather model not seeing any major winter storms east of the Mississippi River heading into Christmas DayWorld GDP over the past decades by countryHeavy rain for the Pacific NW A little chilly in Siberia

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