Looks like a warm and dry pattern setting up for this week and maybe beyond that. You’ll have to get the hose out to give the garden a drink. Farmers that have irrigation will be moving that around, sometimes at night when evaporation rates are lower than during the afternoon sun and breeze. I’ll have to keep my birdbaths filled and clean.

The top map is the 7-day rainfall forecast from the Weather Prediction Center. West Michigan gets 1/10″ or less – not much. There is heavier rain to our west, north and east. Significant rain in eastern AZ and NM will ease the wildfire risk there. The rain in Colorado will runoff into the Colorado River and head SW toward Lake Mead. California get a very little rain – they’ll take what they can get.

There’s some heavier rain in Montana, but lighter amounts in Yellowstone N.P. Florida continues to get showers and thunderstorms. The dry Southern Plains will continue to be very hot and dry, especially Texas and Oklahoma.

8-14 Day Rainfall Outlook for June 27 – July 3

This map shows the rainfall forecast for the 2nd week – June 27 – July 3. Much of S. Lower Michigan remains in the below average category. The Pacific NW will dry out after a cool and damp spring. There will be rain in the East, the South and in the Southwest, where they need it. The Southwest Summer Monsoon will bring scattered mainly afternoon thundershowers to areas that need the rain.

Sunday’s forecast of high and low temperatures from the European model for Grand Rapids, Michigan

The weather will be dry and it’s going to be warm to downright hot this week. Here’s the European model forecast high and low temps. for Grand Rapids for the next 10 days. It got the 80-degree high on Sunday right on the nose. We’ll get a few degrees below the forecast low of 64 for early Monday. Note that while we see warmer-than-average temperatures this week, it should be a touch cooler next week. Through June 19, Grand Rapids is running 0.2 degrees cooler than average this month…almost exactly average.