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The top picture is sunset at the Muskegon Channel.  The sun set into a thin layer of cirrus clouds, so it’s a little faint here.  At the Muskegon Beach, the high temperature Monday was just 55.6 and that occurred at 10 am when the wind was coming off the land.  The temperature fell back near 50 when the wind turned to come off the lake.  The beach water temperature at Muskegon was just 44° on Monday. 

This is the Lake Michigan water temp. (red line) compared to average (black line).  Currently, the lake on the whole is about 3.5° cooler than average.  With the high June sun and warmer temperatures, the lake should rebound close to, but probably still a little below average over the next couple weeks. 

This was sunset Monday evening at the South Haven Channel.  You can see the sun on the left edge of the picture.  In this fixed camera shot, you can only see the sunset within about 3 weeks of the Summer Solstice (June 21), when the sun sets farthest north.  

From Emily Schuitema:  The Great Lakes basin received 28% above average rainfall in May, with Lake Ontario receiving 52% above average May rainfall. 

Check out the graphs of Great Lakes water levels.  They go up and down naturally by several feet or more, depending on the lake.  About 90% of the equation for the levels is precipitation.  Evaporation (which has been low this year) and ice cover (which was high this year) are factors, but small factors compared to rainfall and winter non-lake effect snowfall. 

The latest 8-14 Day Rainfall Outlook from the Climate Prediction Center for June 11 – 17 forecasts above average rainfall over most of the country, the exception being the Pacific NW and northern Montana and N. Dakota

The temperature outlook from CPC for the same period (11th-17th) predicts warmer than average temperatures for the West and Gulf Coast…and cooler than average temperatures from the Continental Divide east through the Great Lakes and Ohio Valley. 

After a cool Monday, high temperatures will be back close to average today and tomorrow.  We should hit at least 80° later this week.

There’s a lot of people hoping for good weather this coming weekend.  There’s June weddings, open houses, the big B-93 Birthday Bash at Fifth Third Park on Saturday…and…there’s Festival of the Arts in Grand Rapids.  This is the 50th year of Festival and we should have a good day to kick off the party on Friday with partly sunny skies and highs near 80° – winds will be fairly light from the east.

Here’s low temperatures Monday AM.  We stopped at 40 in Grand Rapids.  It got below freezing in Ludington, down to 31. 

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