A “Green Christmas” in S. Lower Michigan – But Probably a white New Year’s.

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A “White Christmas” occurs when there is an inch or more of snow on the ground at sunrise on Christmas Day. Looks like we won’t have any snow on the ground on Christmas morning. The map above is the 72-hour snowfall forecast from the Weather Prediction Center. There’s going to be a lot of snow in many of the mountains out West. It’s been a stormy December and the rain and mountain snows have been and will continue to be significant, helping areas that have been in drought.

This is the latest Drought Monitor. You can see that much of the West is dry. This looks worse than it is. Much of agriculture in the West is irrigated, from apples in Washington State to almonds in California to the corn in the high plains of Colorado.

Rainfall amounts expected this week

Here’s some expected rainfall totals this week…that’s a LOT of rain…Grass Valley up to 10″! …and look at the snow that is expected:

Expected Snow in the Sierra Mountains

Wow! “snow accumulations of 6 to 8 FEET…localized amounts up to 10 FEET…that’s 120 inches. Imagine how long the schools would be closed after a storm like that!

Reservoir Levels in California

Here’s reservoir levels in California. Shasta and Oroville are the two biggest reservoirs. They have low water levels, but not critical and this system is going to put a significant dent in drought situation.

The population of California has about doubled since the mid 1970s and the reservoir capacity has not. At some point they may need to look at desalination of sea water.

From WeatherBell and James Spaan

Cold air in the West will start to move east after Christmas and it will be Winter in the Great Lakes.

There will be a white Christmas in at least part of Upper Michigan. There’s a foot of snow on the ground now in Grand Marais and Munising and they may get more snow between now and Christmas.

Marginal Risk for Severe Thunderstorms over the Florida Peninsula Tuesday PM/night

There’s a Marginal Risk of a severe thunderstorm over the Florida Peninsula Tuesday/Tuesday night. Isolated wind damage is the primary threat, though an isolated tornado is possible.

A preliminary total of 61 tornadoes have been confirmed across Kentucky, Missouri, Illinois, Ohio, Tennessee, Arkansas, Georgia, Alabama, and Indiana as a result of severe thunderstorms that occurred on December 10-11, 2021. This number may increase as surveys are still ongoing.

Also: Storms and high winds last Wednesday resulted in five fatalities. Four were due to vehicle accidents mainly due to low visibility in blowing dust/dirt. One fatality was the result of a limb falling on a pedestrian. Caribou ME received 5.1″ of snow yesterday. A look back at the very cold and snowy winter in 1963. On Dec. 19, 1983 a massive area of arctic high pressure dominated the weather across much of North America during an historic cold wave. Grand Rapids fell to 18 degrees below zero setting their all-time December record lowest temperature. 169 fatalties from Typhoon Rai in the Philippines. A rare fogbow. Where to look for Comet Leonard. Kelvin-Helmholtz “wave clouds“. Snow in Wyoming.

ALSO: From BAM WEATHER: “…a major colder pattern change by 12/30.

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