60-degree days in March and April

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Above is a list of the number of 60-degree days from March 1 – April 11 over the last few years. This year, we’ve had none – the warmest temp. during that time was 56° on March 18.

Last year, we had four days that reached 60° during that time. 2016 and 2015 each had 6 days that reached 60°. Down at the bottom I have 2012. That crazy-warm spring when temperatures soared into the mid-80s in March and the blossoms came out way too soon and then frosted out. That year, 22 of the 42 days from March 1 – April 11 were 60 degrees or warmer. 

While Grand Rapids made 54° on Wednesday and Kalamazoo reached 59°, it was much cooler at Lake Michigan. The high temp. here at the Muskegon Channel was just 40.8°. The picture taken Wednesday shows there is still a little ice on the breakwater at Muskegon. 

While the wind broke up some ice on Lake Superior, the lake still has a 39.1% ice cover. Lake Michigan is down to 4.1% and that is mainly in Green Bay. 

Temperature extremes in the U.S. on Wednesday: 104° at Death Valley CA and 7° at Mt. Washington NH. Some heavy rainfall in FL:  2.98″ Pompano Beach,  2.51″ W. Palm Beach, 2.21″ Fort Lauderdale, 1.73″ Orlando, 1.67″ Winter Haven 1.49″ Tampa.

Here’s more video of the tornado that went thru downtown Fort Lauderdale FL yesterday. 

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