3rd Cloudiest May Ever in G.R.

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A couple of notes on the Month of May.  It turned out to be the 3rd cloudiest May ever in G.R.  Records bo back to 1904.  This May we had just 36% of possible sunshine – the average percent of sunshine in May is 56%.  The only two years that were cloudier than that were 1973 with 28% sunshine and 2003 with 32% sunshine.  Rounding out the top 5 are 1979 with 39% sunshine and 1943 with 42% sunshine.   During the entire month, we couldn’t get 3 dry days in a row.

Also, during the month, we did not have a day that was more than 10 degrees warmer or colder than average.  The month ended 1.7° cooler than average.  The high temperatures were 3.0° cooler than average and the low temperatures were only 0.3° cooler than average.  The clouds held down high temperatures and kept up low temperatures a bit.  The warmest temp. in G.R. was 79° on the 31st and the coolest was 38° on the 11th.  Every month this year so far has been cooler than average.

Rainfall totaled 5.96″ and that was 1.98″ above average.  The greatest daily rainfall was 1.65″ on the 1st.  We had 19 days with measurable rain and that’s quite a few.  We had just 6 days all month with no rain at all (not even a sprinkle).  Season snowfall was 81.3″ and that was 6.4″ above average for G.R.  Matt Kirkwood had out 85″ – so pretty close! 

The average relative humidity was 72%.  The average wind speed was 9.1 mph and the fastest gust in G.R. was 45 mph on the 23rd. 

In general, the cool and cloudy weather delayed blossom time by about 7-10 days, but the cool and wet weather made for an awesome and relatively long display for spring flowers (Tulip Time). 

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