The Tug Plateau lies east (downwind) from Lake Ontario and this place can get some really heavy snowfalls. The recent snow event produced up to 30″ of new snow. Note that the area with the heaviest snow is not right at the lakeshore, but is well inland. The plateau is an area of higher elevation, rising to around 2,100 feet above sea level on the east side of the plateau Air is forced to lift as it crosses the plateau and that extra lift can really enhance snowfall.

Quick Update: 15-20″ of snow forecast this weekend (Jan. 15-16) on the Tug Plateau…combination of synoptic (low pressure center) snow and lake-effect.

Tug Plateau

There are about 100,000 residents (a little over half the population of Grand Rapids) spread out over 2,100 square miles. The core Tug Hill area, covers at most 800 square miles (2,100 km2) within the larger legal region, is sparsely populated, containing just a few thousand full-time residents. Supposedly the area got its name from settlers having to tug their wagons to get them up the hills.

Snowfall along the Salmon River near Redfield NY – Tug Plateau

Snowfall rates can be up to several inches an hour and are sometimes accompanied by lightning and thunder. Annual snowfall here can top 200 inches. Up to 100″ and 10 ft. drifts were reported from the Blizzard of ’66. Check out this guy cleaning 30″ of snow off his car. Video after a heavy snowfall. The plateau is home to the largest wind farm in New York. Here’s another big snow event.

ALSO: A rain or snow shower is possible today. Late week/weekend snow will be mainly west and east of Michigan.

We’ll turn a little colder, but we’ll miss the heavier snow. Dramatic snow increase on Mt. Shasta. National High/Low temps for Tuesday January 11, 2022: 85 at Santa Ana, CA; -31 at Mount Washington, NH. Nice timelapse of clouds in Oregon. 40.9 ° C of provisional maximum at #BuenosAires , second highest value ever recorded in the Argentine capital and highest value of the last 60 years. Tornado video from Brazil. Mountaintop halo. 127 inches of snow in 10 days. Typhoon Tiffany.

A number of sunspots on the sun right now – official count is 51 – pic. from SDO/HMI

We’re in solar cycle 25. There are more sunspots now than forecast. From spaceweather: “We are definitely seeing the effects on the ground in the Arctic!” reports Chad Blakley of the Swedish tour guide service Lights over Lapland. “Auroras now are the best in years.”

Surf’s Up – Way Up!