12 Tornadoes Confirmed in NY, CT, RI

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The National Weather Service has confirmed one tornado touchdown on Friday Nov. 12 in NY and eleven tornado touchdowns in Long Island, Connecticut and Rhode Island on Saturday Nov. 13. Three of the tornadoes were rated EF1 and the other 9 were rated EF0. Two of the twisters crossed from CT into RI. There were no injuries from these tornadoes.

Tornadoes in Rhode Island – image from WPRI

These are the first tornadoes ever to be recorded in Rhode Island in the month of November. There have been a lot of tornadoes out East this year: Rhode Is. 6, Connecticut 16, New York 23, Pennsylvania 44.

Michigan has had 17 tornadoes in 2021, one more than an average year. Texas (a big target) leads with 121 tornadoes so far this year. On the good side, we’ve only had 14 tornado fatalities this year in the U.S. That compares to 76 tornado fatalities in 2020. This year 7 of the fatalities were in March and none in the summer months of June, July and August.

Final note – Drone video is helping to determine the path and intensity of tornadoes. Meteorologists will conduct ground damage surveys, talk to eyewitnesses and look at radar imagery at the time of the event.

Weather: Mostly cloudy and a little breezy today with a few scattered, mostly light showers likely…temps. highs mid 50s to near 60 (the warmest day of the rest of November, could be warmest day of the rest of the year)…much colder with snow showers Thursday…mostly cloudy and basically dry Friday/Saturday…rain showers Sunday PM change to snow showers with at least light accumulations next Monday/Tuesday…cool pattern with occasional periods of snow for much of next week. December still looks cold – coldest December in at least four years.

  • Here’s Southern Lower Michigan radar

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