We had 100% sunshine in West Michigan on Sunday. This was the second day with100% sunshine this month (that was 3/7). From Nov. 8 to March 6 we did not have a day with 100% sun. So far this month, Grand Rapids has had 44% sunshine.

Up top is the Lake Michigan satellite picture from Sunday afternoon showing the clear skies. The white is snow on the ground in Michigan and Wisconsin. You can see some lakes are frozen over (Houghton and Higgins Lakes) and some are open water (Gull Lake, Crystal Lake and all but the shallow south part of Torch Lake.

Bittersweet Ski Area

Bittersweet ski area was open Sunday, but they have announced that they are now closed for the season. Cannonsburg has also closed for the season. However, there are resorts that will be open (either daily or weekends only). Here’s the latest Michigan ski report from www.onthesnow.com.

Thunder Bay Island Lighthouse Sunday afternoon 3/1920

This is a pic. of the Thunder Bay Island Lighthouse Sunday afternoon. This is offshore of Alpena in Lake Huron. The lighthouse was staffed during the seasons of Great Lakes navigation from 1832 until the staff was replaced by automation in 1983, more than 150 years later. This 1857 light tower is the current Thunder Bay Island Light, although the tower has been further altered and is currently 63 feet (19 m) high.

Downtown Chicago Sunday March 19 2023

Someone in Chicago must have some snow repellent. They have had only 19.7″ of snow this winter. That’s 16.1″ below average-to-date. Not too far to the north, Milwaukee has picked up 41.8″ of snow this winter, just 3.3″ below average-to-date. Farther north, Green Bay has had 63.5″ of snow this winter and that’s 15″ above average-to-date. Much of our snow this winter has been lake-effect. Note the difference between Milwaukee at 41.8″ and Grand Rapids at 109.2″.

While the sun may appear this Monday morning, clouds will be on the increase this afternoon. Look for more clouds than sun the rest of this week, with several chances for rain showers (or a light mix north). Today will be a breezy day, but we’ll get up into the 40s this PM and low 50s on Tuesday.

We had not had a day reach 55 degrees since Nov. 10. Bill Marino notes that there have only been 6 times in the last 30 years when we have not had a 60-degree day in March.