Severe Weather Reports from Monday (8/7) into Monday night

I can’t remember the last time we had over a thousand reports of wind damage in a single day. All those blue dots on the map above represent a wind damage report. There was another smaller area of significant severe weather centered on NW Kansas. We had a large area of the East and Southeast that had thunderstorm straight-line wind gusts of 50-70 mph. There were 8 relatively small tornadoes – four in New York and one each in Pennsylvania, North Carolina, Kentucky and Kansas. There were 170 reports of severe criteria hail (1″ in diameter or greater) and that included 24 reports of hail bigger than golf balls.

Trees and wires down near Knoxville TN (from WATE). More damage pics. here.

As of 2 pm Tuesday, there were still 68,814 customers without power in PA, 48,860 in NC, 47,179 in MD, 20,980 in GA, 19,720 in TN, 10,094 in VA and 10,852 in OH. The power outage map shows 15,898 customers without power in Hawaii, where strong winds circulating around a distant hurricane have downed utility poles. They have some wildfires on Maui and the Big Island and a traffic accident took out a pole in Honolulu that knocked out power to 860 customers.

ALSO: Grand Haven State Park reported a water temperature of 50 Tuesday morning. Upwelling sent the water temperatures of Lake Michigan tumbling. That’s probably warmed back up to 60 this (Tue.) PM. Other water temps. Tuesday: Muskegon 65, Duck Lake State Park and Hoffmaster St. Park 66, South Haven buoy 63. Inland Reeds Lake was 76 degrees.