June 9th (Thurs.) Statement from Yellowstone National Park:

The Beartooth Highway (US-212), located east of the park’s Northeast Entrance between Red Lodge, Montana, and Cooke City, Montana, reopened Thursday June 9. Over the last several days, crews cleared a substantial amount of snow from the highway (4 to 6 FEET of snow fell along the highway over Memorial Day Weekend). The road is open during daylight hours only. Nighttime closures will begin today. Closures will be in effect from 7.p.m. to 7 a.m. Temporary road closures due to winter weather can occur any time on the highway given its high elevation. Stay informed about weather conditions.

Rainbow at the Fishing Bridge on the Yellowstone River June 8

Winter released its icy grip on Yellowstone Lake this weekend, resulting in unique ice formations during the thaw. Shards of ice were seen crashing ashore in some areas while an ice jam formed at Fishing Bridge as large pieces of ice were carried downstream by the Yellowstone River.

Patch of Snow left on Mt. Ripley

Looks like there was still a patch of snow on Mont Ripley (near Houghton) Friday afternoon – we’re 10 days away from the Summer Solstice.

Along the Richardson Highway in Alaska – pic. Fri. evening 6/10 22

This pretty mountain scene is along the Richardson Highway, which runs from Valdez north to Fairbanks. The picture was taken Friday evening.

Homer, Alaska – looking across Kachemak Bay.

I believe this is Homer, Alaska – looking generally to the east across the bay.

ALSO: Some great pics. coming from the new GOES 18 satellite. Key West Lightning. “Mother ship” thunderstorm approaches the Florida Panhandle coast. Kelvin-Helmholtz “wave” clouds. Michigan sunset. Nice rainbow. Distant tornado. Detroit rainbow. Huge dust devil. Norway sunset.