Here’s the average first measurable (1/10th inch) of snow for Grand Rapids, Muskegon and Lansing. We usually see the first few flakes in October. Last winter, the first measurable snow in Grand Rapids was Nov. 9 with 1.3″. We had another 3.8″ the next day. It was unusually cold in mid-November last year. High temperatures were in the 30s from Nov. 9 through Nov. 21. Then on the 22nd, we had a high temperature of 28. November last year was an unusually cloudy month…only 8.9% of possible sunshine. 21 of the 30 days of November had 0% sunshine. We had only 3 days with more than 25% sunshine. Here’s the first measurable snowfall graphic for N. Lower Mi and S. Ste. Marie.

Last year Grand Rapids had 81.3″ of snow with the last trace of snow on April 29th. We had scattered frost on April 28, but the flowers/plants/blossoms weren’t far enough along to cause any significant damage.