August looks to be a warmer than average month in the Great Lakes Region. Above is the latest 8-14 day temperature outlook from the Climate Prediction Center. We’ll stay near average early next week (average high is 83), then we’ll be above average during the middle – latter part of next week.

8-14 Day Rainfall Forecast from the Climate Prediction Center.

Much of the Central U.S. and Great Lakes is expected to have below average rainfall. Rainfall is likely to continue to be above average in the Desert SW and much of Alaska. Mostly afternoon and evening showers and thunderstorms have caused isolated flash flooding in the Southwest. Beneficial runoff has increased the flow of the Colorado River, though river levels are still below average.

Forecast for this Saturday

This weekend will be mostly sunny and dry. With light winds, Lake Michigan should be reasonably calm and green flags will be out at the beaches for safe swimming.

In the 127 years of temperature weather records in Grand Rapids, we have reached 100° thirty-two times. Ffour of those times have been during the first week of August. The hottest two days in Grand Rapids history were July 12-13, 1936 with high temperatures of 106° and 108°. We had an entire week when the high temperature averaged 102°. In recent years, the hottest day was a 104° reading in July 2012.