The month of August brought near average temperatures and above average rainfall. The average temperature of 71.4° was just 0.3° warmer than average. We did not see a 90° day in Grand Rapids. The warmest day was 89° on the 6th. Grand Rapids has had 7 days with 90-degree temperatures this summer. Five of those 7 days hit 90° exactly and we had a 94° and a 95° (on 6/21, the Summer Solstice) reading back in June. It’s certainly possible to reach 90° in September, though average temperatures decline during the month as daylight decreases and the sun moves a little lower in the sky. The coolest temperature was 52° on the 12th.

Rainfall in Grand Rapids totaled 4.98″ and that was 1.43″ above average. The heaviest 24-hour rainfall was 1.91″ on the 28th-29th. Despite the above average rainfall, only 7 of the 31 days had measurable rain and only 5 had more than 1/10th inch.

The average wind speed was 7.2 mph. Overall it was a rather calm month. We had only 3 days when we had a wind gust over 35 mph. The fastest gust in Grand Rapids was 58 mph during the severe thunderstorm of August 29. However, that day, the wind speed averaged over the 24 hour day was only 9.1 mph.

There were 7 days when you could see lightning or hear thunder and just 2 days with a brief period of heavy fog (visibility of 1/4 mile or less).

I don’t have sunshine data at home, so I’ll have to wait until someone can get that figure to me. Just a guess that sunshine might have been a smidgen below average, but we’ll see.

Ellen Bacca wrote a nice article on what to expect during the month of September. I have said for a while now that with the fairly strong La Nina (and other factors) that it’s likely September will be warmer than average in the Great Lakes with a decent amount of sunshine. That may carry into October – so early fall is looking good.

Overall, agricultural crops continued to look very good. The weekly Michigan crop report said: “Peach
harvest was in full swing across the State with excellent quality and quantity reported. Harvest has been very smooth to date. . Early apple harvest continued; Premier Honeycrisp and Jonathan for caramel apple production were harvested in the Southwest.