A skinny tornado touched down north of the Grand Canyon in Arizona. Here’s a close-up of the tornado and funnel. The guy who shot the video said that the 2nd funnel touched down as well. There were no injuries and no significant damage was reported. Here’s a copy of the Tornado Warning for this tornado.

A Tornado Warning was also issued for an area just northeast of Las Vegas NV. A 70 mph wind gust was recorded in a thunderstorm at Apex NV. Storms in AZ and southern NV caused some flash flooding. Thunderstorm winds also created a dust storm that reduced visibility to 1/4 mile. Wind gusts hit 71 mph at Humbug Creek and 56 mph at Bumble Bee AZ.

Flash flooding also occurred in Arizona. East Mesa AZ had 1.04″ of rain in just 30 minutes. Lost Dutchman AZ had 0.61″ of rain. Carefree AZ recorded 1/2″. Three-quarter inch hail feel at Sedona AZ. Half-inch diameter hail fell at Paradise Valley, Humbolt and Slide Rock AZ. Considerable flooding was reported “in Bloody Tanks” (is that the name of a place?). Flash flooding on Vulture Mine Road. (do they dig those critters out of the ground?). Delayed report: “multiple trees uprooted“.

Arizona (3) has now had more tornadoes in 2022 than Michigan (2).

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