Daughter #3 and I are off on another air adventure. We left the Ford Airport shortly after noon for Washington D.C. Wednesday is the day most likely to have unsold seats, so Michelle can get us on the plane with here employee perk.

They have a new, remodeled Admiral’s Club at Reagan National Airport. We sit here at a table working on our computers while we are watching the planes take off and look out over the city. We can easily see the Washington Monument, the Jefferson Memorial, the Capitol, the Old Post Office (where Michelle was an intern one summer) and the National Cathedral. We can see the boats on the Potomoc River.

Relaxing at the Admiral’s Club

Here they have reclining chairs where you can stretch out and there is food and drink provided with your annual membership.

I love looking out the window of the plane. I could see Detroit, Lake Erie with its islands and Cedar Point. The fields of corn and soybeans have been mostly harvested and show a tan or gray color. While most of the leaves are off the trees (less so here in D.C.), you could see a few trees with leaves on when we were flying low. Their color was dull. There were two layers of clouds with breaks as we left Grand Rapids. We climbed up to 37,000 feet, where the blue sky was brilliant and the sun was bright. It was mostly clear as we landed in D.C.

We’ll fly back to Grand Rapids this evening – so it’s just a day trip. I have a Rotary dinner to go to Thursday evening.