Friday there were 725 reports of severe weather, including 684 reports of wind damage. As of early Sat. AM, there were 493,945 customers without power in the U.S. The top states were North Carolina (158,257), Virginia (70,495), West Virginia (54,307), Georgia (42,545), South Carolina (33,975), and Kentucky (29,287).

Hail was also a factor, with “hail the size of teacups” pelting Belinda City, Tennessee.

Power Outages as of early Saturday AM

There was some tree and power line damage in northeast Lower Michigan Friday from strong wind gusts that were not thunderstorm related. In fact, it was mostly sunny. Here’s some power outages early Sat. AM. Both Gaylord and Alpena had wind gusts of 59 mph. That would count as a severe thunderstorm if it was thunderstorm produced. Here’s a list of strong wind gusts on Thursday.

Thunder Bay Island – Friday afternoon 6 17 22

This pic. taken Fri. PM shows the Thunder Bay Island Lighthouse. You can see the whitecaps on Lake Huron from the strong winds.

ALSO: Forecast for Mt. Washington NH calls for a trace to 2″ of snow with temperatures in the 20s. Nearly continuous lightning over Alabama. New director of the National Weather Service.

AND: The Fort Wayne IN community is continuing the cleanup efforts after Monday night’s storm caused significant damage. “Roofs off our dugouts. Trash everywhere. It was just complete shock and devastating,” Elmhurst Little League President Brooke Thomas said. Samaritan’s Purse came to Fort Wayne to not only help with the cleanup, but provide spiritual guidance to those in need during this time. Samaritan’s Purse plans to be in the Fort Wayne area for about three weeks to help with the work needed. Here’s Charles Russell’s video of the storm coming thru Fort Wayne.