Sunday PM Gayle and I took a drive through apple country. Here’s a pic. of the most beautiful blossoms we saw….on Peters Road just north of White Road in southern Newaygo Co. This is west of M-37 and southwest of Grant. The sun was behind some clouds. In sunshine the blossoms would have been even more spectacular.

Here’s a pair of turkeys that crossed the road (very slowly) in front of us.
Grant Water Tower (by the Depot) – Tower goes back to the late 1800s.
There appears to be more yellow than green in this field in Alpine Township
You can’t really see it in this pic., but there was a muskrat in the middle of the plants

The above pic. was at Half Moon Lake off M-37. There was a family here swimming in the water.

We saw quite a few tilled fields. No sign of any frost in the next week, but there will be a trend toward cooler temperatures around the 18th.