A Smoky Sunset

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I took the above picture on Washington St. in Heritage Hill (Grand Rapids) Monday evening.  I had walked downtown to see the Grand Rapids Memorial Day Parade, which is held on the 30th, the traditional Memorial Day.  No rain for the parade and the temperature was comfortable.  My father was in the Army Air Corps for over 5 years from 1940-1945. 

I saw the sun and knew there was a layer of smoke.  It makes the sun dimmer and it tends more yellow-orange – sometimes with a reddish ring around the edge.  It often fades into the hazy smoke before reaching the horizon

Combined, the fires have consumed an area larger than Kent Co.  The biggest wildfire is the Chuckegg Creek Fire.  Over 260 firefighters are working this fire.  The fire jumped the Peace River, where the river was nearly half a mile wide.  There have been 500 wildfires in Western Canada since March 1.  Over 5,000 residents have been forced or asked to leave their homes

Here’s the percent of average rainfall in Canada since Sept. 1, 2018.  It’s been wet in Southeast Canada, but dry over much of Central and Western Canada. 

Here’s vertically integrated smoke…thickest back across the W. Dakotas and NE Montana. 

Here’s another map of the fires and smoke.  From the NOAA Office of Satellite and product operations:  “Large complex wildfires are continuing to burn and be observed over Northern Alberta Province and through portions of Northwestern Canada. Several smaller fires are burning and being observed as well in South Central Canada. Heavy density smoke is being observed in the region of the large complex wildfires and has been transported with the low level flow South and Eastward down into South Central Canada, into North and South Dakota, and into the Northern Upper Midwest Region. Moderate density smoke is being observed throughout most of Alberta Province, Northwestern Canada, South Central Canada, the High Plains, the Midwest, Ontario, and into Upstate New York. Light density smoke has been observed throughout most of Northwestern Canada, South Central Canada, the Plains, Midwest, the Southern Great Lakes region, Northern New England and progressing into far Southeastern Canada. The smoke is expected to continue to progress South and East…”

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