Tropics Very Quiet – No Hurricanes Globally


Globally, this has been a quiet year for tropical storms. The graphic above from the Joint Typhoon Warning Center. No typhoons in the Indian or Western Pacific Oceans.

This map shows the hurricanes and tropical storms so far in the Atlantic

This map shows the hurricanes and tropical storms so far this season…only one and that one was a minimal sub-tropical storm for less than 24 hours. It registered only 3 light blue dots (the rest of the path is when it was a depression. In past decades, it would never have been given a name (it was called Andrea). I do expect hurricane activity to pick up from August to October

Path of the 3 tropical storms in the Eastern Pacific

So far, there have been 3 named storms in the Eastern Pacific. Minimal hurricane Alvin (top right path on the map with the two yellow dots) was a tropical storm from June 25-29. Right below that is the path of Tropical Storm Cosme – peak winds 50 mph. Cosme lasted from July 6-8. The only major hurricane was Barbara – long path up top on the map. It was a tropical storm from June 30 – July 6. Here’s a picture of Barbara at peak intensity:

Hurricane Barbara at peak intensity

Barbara reached Category 4 with winds of 155 mph before weakening as it moved west into a little cooler water. Here’s hurricane names for 2019.

Precipitation forecast for Sat evening thru Monday evening 13th-15th.

This is the 48-hour rainfall forecast from the Weather Prediction Center for Sat. evening thru Monday evening. Note the big blob of rain from TEcas to the Florida Panhandle. A wet tropical depression (could conceivable reach tropical storm status) will bring heavy rains to the Gulf Coast states. The exact track of the storm isn’t quite certain. Note in much of Lower Michigan it is expected to be dry, but we’ll have to watch for a shower or t-shower making it across Lake Michigan. Right now I have a 20% chance of a shower/t-storm out for both Sat. and Sun.

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