The unusually mild weather pattern has brought some strange sights to Michigan. On my Friday walk at the Alpine Athletic Field in Comstock Park, I spotted 6 dandelions in bloom (others that were dispersing seeds), two bowling balls and a worm. The worm was rather wiggly. It was on the path and might have got stepped on, so I set it on a small hill with soft mud hoping that it would manage to crawl back underground.

Saturday the high temperature in Grand Rapids was 32° and the low temperature was 30°. That’s only a two-degree difference.

Snowfall this winter: Milwaukee WI 7.8″, Grand Rapids MI 68.3″. Lake Michigan has made a bit of a difference this winter!

Pretty snowfall early this AM at my house. I’ve had a dusting of accumulation with some big, fat flakes coming almost straight down.

The heat wave of July 1936 is still the hottest heat wave we have ever had in Grand Rapids and in the contiguous U.S. We had back to back high temperatures of 108° and 106° in Grand Rapids and for a week, the AVERAGE high temperature in Grand Rapids was 102°.

The greatest cold wave ever in the U.S. and in Grand Rapids took place in February 1899. Grand Rapids had back to back low temperatures of -24°.

Significant snow is possible Wednesday

Significant snow is possible on Wednesday. At the moment, the heaviest snow would likely be in central and northern Indiana and northern Ohio. Less chance of significant snow north of Kent County. Keep checking the blog – I’ll be updating.

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