Grand Rapids recorded 56% of possible sunshine on Monday. It was the sunniest day in Grand Rapids since Dec. 4. From Dec. 31st through Jan. 8th, Grand Rapids recorded just 5 minutes of sunshine and from Nov. 30 – Jan. 8 we had less than 10% of possible sunshine.

The above picture is Kollen Park. The grass is green, the water is reflecting the blue sky and the walking path is clear and dry.

I found more dandelions blooming at the Alpine Athletic Field on Monday

The average high/low temperature is now 31/ 19. Sunrise is 8:12 am and sunset at 5:27 pm. We’ve gained 14 1/2 minutes of daylight since the Winter Solstice back on Dec. 21.

Boat in Lake Michigan

This boat was out on Lake Michigan at Michigan City, Indiana on Jan. 4. Looks like maybe a fishing boat?

Fallen trees/mudslide completely blocking a road in California

California will start drying out after another powerful storm brought heavy rain, heavy mountain snow, flooding, strong winds and mudslides. The peak wind gust at Kirkwood Meadows was 109 mph. Rainfall: Shaver Lake 6.63″, Wishon Dam 6.38″, Big Sur 4.60″, Ojai 4.32″, Hearst Castle 4.20″ Santa Barbara 3.70″, Fillmore 3.33″, Yosemite Valley 3.19″. Oakland 1.80″, San Francisco 1.61″, Fresno 1.28″. San Francisco has had double the average rainfall since Oct. 1.

Other rainfall totals: 0.64″ Los Angeles (rain at the College Football Championship Game).