Update: At least 50 tornadoes were reported on Thursday (a few of these are probably duplicate sightings of the same tornado). At 4:30 pm Friday, the Storm Prediction Center lists 33 tornadoes in Alabama, 8 in Georgia (including one on the south side of Atlanta), 4 in Kentucky 3 in Tennessee and one each in Mississippi and North Carolina.

Seven fatalities were reported in the Kingston Community in Alabama and another two fatalities in Georgia. There were 12 injured severely enough to require transport to hospitals in Kingston. Injuries were also reported in Selma, where “40-50 homes were severely damaged or destroyed”. Damage pictures. Video of tornado near Montgomery AL. Personally, I‘d put the phone in my pocket and RUN for the basement.

The storms also brought hail up to golfball-size and measured wind gusts to 75 mph at Coronaca AL. A gust of 67 mph was recorded at the weather station at Auburn University and 62 mph at the Montgomery AL airport.

Storm Reports for Thursday, January 12th

On the map above, a red dot is a tornado report, blue dots are severe wind reports and green dots are severe hail reports (1″ or greater in diameter). As of Sunday morning (1/15), there were still 7,249 customers without power in Georgia and 3,488 in Alabama. There were 20,281 customers without power in California after the “atmospheric river” brought very heavy rain, flooding, deep mountain snow and a few thunderstorms that produced isolated wind damage.


Here in Michigan, most inland areas were partly to mostly sunny at midday Saturday (14th). We had 91% of possible sunshine at thr Ford Airport on Saturday. Generally it stayed mostly cloudy in the lakeshore counties and was mostly sunny to the east of the lakeshore counties.

The next system brings mostly rain, Monday into Tuesday. Snow or mixed precipitation is likely from the following system Thursday into Friday of next week. Accumulating snow is certainly a possibility on Thursday.

Forecast temperature map for January 27 – day 15

I’ll say it again…this is NOT the end of winter. Old Man Winter will be making another trip to Michigan. This is the GFS model forecast for January 27. Now…it’s 15 days out, it could be wrong, it’s probably overdone…but…I think it’s getting the trend. It’s forecasting a large mass of Arctic air to come down into the U.S. Here it’s centered over the Upper Midwest, but most of the country is quite cold. The cold air is probably working it’s way to the East Coast. I think the cold pattern will continue into early February.

The map above shows estimated water temperatures from satellite. It may be a degree or two too warm, but the lake is all open water and any Arctic air coming over the lake could produce lake-effect snow. Saturday morning there was a band of mainly light lake-effect snow in a north south band that moved ashore in NW Indiana. It was a small event, but some slippery spots are occurred on I-80/90/94 in NW Indiana (Lake, Porter Counties).

ALSO: Video of a sunny, mild day in Suttons Bay. Satellite view of sediment from rivers flows into the Pacific Ocean, in the wake of the extremely heavy rainfall from the storms earlier this week. Northern Lights in Norway.

Happy Friday the 13th!

Wow! Look at the increase in the water level of Lake Shasta (the largest reservoir in California). The lake had a 24 hour rise of 4.46 FEET (not inches). The water level (in blue on the graph) is back to the level of one year ago and climbing rapidly. With a deep snowpack the level will continue to rise well into the spring.