2nd Calmest Day of 2019


Grand Haven sunset 6 18 19 by Marie Steffen

My daughter #2 took the picture above around sunset at Grand Haven. You can see a ship (the Manitowoc) in the distance that left Grand Haven. Yesterday (Tue.) was the calmest day since March 1 with an average wind speed in Gr. Rapids of 2.8 mph. Before March 1, you have to go back to Oct. 25 to find a calmer day.

High and Low Temperatures on Tue. June 18, 2019

We made a high of 81° in G.R. on Tue. That’s just the 3rd time we’ve reached 80° this year. We haven’t been warmer than 82° The Lake Michigan shore was considerably cooler. The high at the Muskegon Beach was 61.5° and the high (air) temperature at the mid-Lake Michigan buoy was just 57°

Southern Lake Michigan satellite picture from 6 18 19 (Tue.)

This is the Southern Lake Michigan satellite picture from Tues. PM (6/18/19). There was still some fog over the lake. Note there are no puffy cumulus clouds over Lake Michigan, nor around the immediate shore of the lake, where the lake breeze cooled the air and prevented the clouds from forming. The lake breeze is a west wind in Michigan , an east wind in Wisconsin, a northeast wind in Chicago and a north wind in Indiana. Air sinks over the lake.

The month stands at 2.9° cooler than average and 45% sunshine (avg. for June is 63%.

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