We had 100% sunshine on Saturday. I did an unofficial, preliminary look back through the records here at WOOD and I counted only 14 days since 1979 when we had 100% sunshine of a day in January in Grand Rapids. That’s about one 100% sunshine day every 3 years.

Grand Rapids had 88% sunshine on Sunday (some high clouds came in during the late afternoon. The average wind speed on Sunday was just 3.5 mph.

Tubers hit the slopes at Cannonsburg Ski Area. (Jan. 15, 2022)

We’ve seen a relatively fair amount of sunshine so far this month. Sunday we had sunshine up until about mid-afternoon in G.R.. We’re up to 41% sunshine for the month. That’s well above the 26% average sunshine for January. We’ve had more than 50% sunshine on 9 of the first 16 days of January 2022 and we’ve only had 5 days with 0% sunshine.

Sunset at the Muskegon Channel on Jan 15, 2022

The days are getting longer. We have gained 24 minutes of daylight since the Winter Solstice occurred back on Dec. 21. All of that gain has been in the evening. The sunrise on 12/21 was at 8:10 am and the sunrise today (Sun.) is also at 8:10 am. Today (Sunday) we’ll see 1 minute and 42 seconds more daylight than yesterday and that change will increase to 2 minutes on Jan. 22.

The sun is at solar noon at 12:52 pm, when it’s 26 degrees above the southern horizon. That’s up from 24 degrees back on the Winter Solstice.

Current Moon Phase Sunday 1 16 22 – pic. from NASA

The moon is 98% full this Sunday evening. It’s called a waxing (that means we’re seeing a higher percent of the moon on each successive night) gibbous (that means the moon is between a half moon and a full moon) moon. When the moon is near the full phase in winter, the moon climbs high overhead. The full moon of January is called the Wolf Moon.

Bittersweet Ski Area Sat. 1 15 22

Lots of people out enjoying winter sports this weekend. Check out the Michigan ski resort conditions here. After getting 19″ of snow in the first 6 days of the month, we have now gone 10 days without measurable snowfall (8 of those 10 days had a trace of snow).

Lake Michigan satellite picture 1 15 22

Here’s the Lake Michigan satellite picture from Saturday afternoon. It’s sunny with snow on he ground in West Michigan – Gull Lake still has open water. It’s a relatively deep lake (110 feet). You can tell from the picture that this is winter and the wind is northeast. Lake-effect clouds are forming and moving southeast into Wisconsin and northeast Illinois.

Great Lakes satellite picture 1 15 22

Here’s all five Great Lakes. The northeast winds was bringing lake-effect clouds off Lake Huron into northeast Lower Michigan. You can see lake-effect clouds over the other Great Lakes. Lake St. Clair and the west part of Lake Erie have an ice cover – no clouds there. There seems to be an eddy in the clouds on the west side of Lake Superior. Great Lakes ice cover was up to 14.7% on Saturday.

Tsunami Reaches CA and sonic boom heard in Alaska!

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