Yellow Flowers


Daffodils in front yard of Bill’s house

Up top…some daffodils by the front walk at my house. Because we had a cool pattern for a couple weeks, the daffodils are lasting a long time.

Forsythia at Bill’s House

The yellow flowers are out my the forsythia in the backyard. Snow drifts sometimes develop behind the house here and this bush is often in the middle of one and bent by the snow.

What would spring be without dandelions. I think these are pretty flowers and I’ve sometimes thought it strange that we’d weed these flowers out of the yard…but a weed is growing in some place where we don’t want it…so it gets removed from the grass. Speaking of grass – I cut the front lawn yesterday for the first time. My neighbor has cut his grass at least 4 times already. The lawn is lumpy – clay gets that way in the winter.

Yellow flowers in the north garden

These yellow flowers in the north garden may be jonquils (or just a different type of daffodil). Rick Vuyst would know the difference. BTW – I am glad that the garden stores and greenhouses are open now. That would have been a shame to lose most of the spring business. We had quite a cool stretch here in April, so we haven’t lost much ground in the yard. May will be a good month to get the flowers and vegetables in. It’s healthy to get a little sunshine…in general, viruses don’t like ultraviolet light (sunshine) and warmer temperatures.

First tulip of the year

This is the first open tulip of the year at my house…white and yellow.


This is pachysandra growing by the birdbath. It stays fairly green during the winter, with small whitish flowers in mid-spring. I watched a bumblebee go from flower to flower while I was outside Sun. afternoon.

Sunrise – Alpine Township

I keep strange hours. I mentioned before that one benefit of the shelter-in-place is that I’ve been able to watch sunrises and sunsets. The sunrise is coming early now…6:40 am today. It’ll move to 6:03 am in June as we approach the Solstice. The sunset is at 8:40 pm – it’ll be cloudy with showers and a possible t-shower this evening. The latest sunsets come in late June and early July at 9:25 in G.R.

Double hyacinth

Right now most of my flowers are yellow, but not all…here’s a pretty double hyacinth. This also gets occasional visits by bumblebees and honeybees. It also smells nice.

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