Scattered Showers/T-Showers


Here’s local radar:

Today (Mon.), tomorrow and Wednesday, we have a chance of catching a random shower or t-shower. These will be mainly in the afternoon/evening and in inland areas (along US 131 and east. They might form where there is a little surface convergence of air where the lake breeze meets the more due south general land breeze. The odds of any severe weather with these is low. There could be a brief period of heavy rain.

South Haven Beach – Mid-Afternoon – Memorial Day 2020

The pic. above is the South Haven Beach at mid-afternoon. There are puffy clouds to the northeast over the land, and no puffy clouds over cooler Lake Michigan. At 3 pm, the temperature was 82 in Gr. Rapids and 85 in Ionia and Kalamazoo. It’s just 67 at the beach in Muskegon and in S. Haven. The warmest temp. in the state right now is 87 at Flint, Troy and Bellaire. Mackinac Island reports fog, just 50 degrees with 100% humidity.

Muskegon Beach Mid-Afternoon on Memorial Day 2020

Here’s a mid-afternoon pic. from the Muskegon Channel – lots of boats.

Muskegon Channel Mid-Afternoon on 5 25 20

Here’s another pic. from the Muskegon Channel. Seems people are doing well with the social distancing. The water is still chilly – Lake Michigan is 53 deg. here at Muskegon, but, behind the breakwater it’s probably closer to 65.

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